Sunday, 15 November 2020

Sunday Journaling Prompt



What areas of your life do these achievements originate from?

Have they affected other parts of your life? Which areas? In what way? Was it planned?

Did you do it alone or did you get support/help? What steps did you take? What obstacles did you meet and overcome?

What made the difference so you could achieve these?

What do these achievements tell you? About your life? About yourself?

What did you have to give up or leave behind to achieve these? What difference did it make to the overall quality of your life, levels of happiness and fulfilment?

Where do you go from here?

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Affirmation Wednesday



How do you feel right now?

Have you ever felt centred? What does it feel like to you?

What can you do when you feel centred?

What small step can you do today to start to feel centred?

What is your truth? Where in your body do you feel it?

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Sunday Journaling Prompt



What is your story?

What patterns do you see in your story? What do they tell you?

What parts of your life do you wish you would have done differently? Why?

What parts of your life are you happy with and/or grateful for?

What are the main lessons you have learnt in your life up to now?

How have these lessons shaped who you are today?

Saturday, 7 November 2020

The Magic of Planning Sessions


Planning sessions are a practice that I have adopted for the last few months (since August). This was first introduced to me by Jennibellie's online class Creative Goal Journaling and I believe that I briefly mentioned this in the Goals, Planning, Scheduling & Reviewing article back in September.

The Planning session, per say, is like a brainstorming session. I have a dedicated Planning Sessions A4 notebook that I use only for these sessions.

You can organise a planning session for pretty much anything you need to get your head around to. I have had planning sessions for organising my coaching sessions with my son, what type of mentoring materials and support he would need from me for his goals, how I will be organising the sessions and what resources I have, working on fears, resistance and procrastination, what I wanted to do with my blog, how I will be organising my new Bullet Journal in 2021, on reviewing my goals' objectives and steps, on how I want to review and plan my weeks after I had access to different techniques. You could very well use it also to plan a trip - even though at the moment with the new lockdown the options are a little bit limited - , organise a house decluttering or redecorating, plan a birthday party or complete a school assignment where research is needed.
The brainstorming nature of these sessions seem, once you start playing with ideas, to flow naturally, which makes it a very organic process. I tend to use different coloured pens for different types of ideas or parts of the process. Here is my "Planning Sessions pencil case":

Using different colours enables you, when you go back, to identify quickly all ideas in one category. Some ideas of questions you could ask yourself to start the process if you're stuck are:
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What resources do I have?
  • What can I do with them? How can I use them?
  • What other resources do I need?
  • What are aspects of this project that I need to think about? (that's very likely going to be your categories)
  • What could I do for each one?
No filtering, write down everything  that comes to your mind. Something that may seem silly or impossible could very well work as a starting point to develop a useful idea. Sometimes to find solutions, you will need to think outside the box. This process will just do that for you, and more. From one idea flows another, then another, then another...
Once you cannot think of anything else, go through all you have written. Can you expand on any of these ideas? Which ideas do you feel will help you towards your goal? Which ideas do you feel you can do? Organise your ideas. The next step will be to follow the Planning process in the Goals, Planning, Scheduling & Reviewing article from September 2020. These planning sessions can be done when needed.

From this process and also Jennibellie's class was born another, weekly, planning session practice, which I call Weekly Review/Plan. I started by using Jennibellie's template and, little by little, tweaked it to make it my own. Another type I created for my son's coaching/mentoring sessions can be found in the Reviewing part of the Goals, Planning, Scheduling & Reviewing article. Somehow, I couldn't imagine my 15-year old son being willing to answer questions like "What my inner critic said" and "what my higher self knows"! See what I mean?! Here is an example of the layout I have been using for the last few months and how I use it:

Recently, I have been watching the Live Planning Sessions of Creative Dream Incubator on Instagram (every Monday, 4pm UK time - @creativedreamincubator) and this is very different to what I have been doing. It focuses on really exploring your feelings to see what you need, either to heal, to realign yourself, get focused, get out of fear and resistance...  This is something that I definitely wanted to incorporate into my weekly Review/Plan sessions, so, again, my template has evolved to suit my current needs.
My new layout for my weekly Review/Plan session, starting this weekend:

This was the result of my last Brainstorming/Planning Session. Similarly to the other type of planning session, I also use different coloured pens (as you can see on the first layout photo). I find it easier to separate the information, rather than have just one blob of black writing over the 2 pages. And, as a stationary lover, I do have a separate pencil case for my Bullet Journal stuff:

It's all about making it fun ;-)

As we discussed in the Goals, Planning, Scheduling & Reviewing article, reviewing is essential to your process, any process, as it enables you to make the process current to where you are right now. This is not something that you should ignore as it will only create more resistance to your project. For instance, this week every day I have been focusing on responsibilities tasks and chores that, throughout the week, I have had to force myself to do. Doing my quick check-in to see how I felt (using one of the extra questions in the new template), I realised that, not only did I overschedule my days, and, as I usually start with the boring stuff to get it out of the way, only spent my days doing exclusively soul-draining, serious, "adult" and not fun activities. I really felt it in the way that, at the end of each day, I felt exhausted and didn't want to bother doing anything else, which led to scrolling down mindlessly on Instagram for over an hour. What I need is to be more balanced and realistic with what I plan in my days, but also that I need to incorporate PLAY activities where I am active as opposed to passive. Making chores fun is never an option for me (to me associating chores to fun is an oxymoron!), so, I do my chores first thing, out of the way, then I can write a poem, read a book, doodle or start setting up my Collections Bullet Journal - creative, fun endeavours for me - as a reward. I make sure that the serious tasks are done but I won't pile chores onto them to fill my days. I want, while I'm currently at home, at least a third of my day to be fun. If I had just stuck to my original template and not integrated this extra practice into my weekly Review/Plan, I would have never picked that up and would not have re-arranged my tasks in a more efficient way. Some coaching methods regard feelings as unreliable but I don't agree. They help you gauge where you're at and what you can achieve confidently. You cannot run a 20K marathon if you feel exhausted or unmotivated.
So feelings, in my opinion, do matter. They work a bit like a compass. You need to be aware of them and not be a prisoner to them.

This article is just to give you an example of what you can achieve with these two types of Planning Sessions.
Obviously there are many other ways to organise your planning sessions, just search online, which could give you some extra insights and ideas that you may like to try and experiment with - why not do a Planning Session on how to organise your Planning Sessions?!

Happy exploring...

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Affirmation Wednesday


Rooting into the affirmation:

How do you see your Future Self? What does (s)he like? What is (s)he doing?

How does it make you feel?

What has your future self gone through and overcome?

What do you want to ask your future self?

What can you do today for your future self?

How can you work towards becoming this future self you envision?

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Sunday Journaling Prompt



How do you really feel?

What is preventing you to feel completely whole and healed?

Do you feel any fear or resistance? Towards what?

What is this fear/resistance telling you?

What needs to heal?

What first small step can you take this week towards healing?

What will your life look and feel like once you have healed?

What will you be able to do that you couldn’t do before?


Happy exploring, my dear journal adventurers ❤️

Stay safe x

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Affirmation Wednesday



What does power mean to you?

What is your general attitude towards power? Your beliefs?

In your life, do you usually feel powerful or powerless? Why? What does it feel like?

If you usually feel powerless in your life, what do you think feeling powerful will feel like? Look like? Sound like? Smell like? Taste like?

What will it take for you to feel powerful?

What is one small thing you can do TODAY to make you feel more powerful in your life?

How do you see a difference between inner power and outer power, if you see any? 

Which type of power do you feel more comfortable with?

Think about someone in your life or celebrity/influential figure (alive or deceased) who, in your eyes, embodies power. What about them makes them seem powerful?



Sunday, 25 October 2020

Sunday Journaling Prompt


We all have this idea of who we want to be. 

Is it because of how you want to be perceived by others? If so, what will it bring you to be perceived this way?

Is this idea of who you want to be, true to who you really are deep down? 

What stories are you telling yourself about who you are now and this new YOU you want to be?

Why do you want to change and become this new person, this new YOU? What is it that you are not satisfied with who you are right now?

What do you need to do to become this new YOU?

What will it be and feel like to be this new YOU?

What will it bring to your life?

How will this new YOU interact with others?

After you become this new YOU, what next?

Some more ideas for you to explore this prompt...

Happy journaling and exploring ❤️❤️❤️

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Project Miracle


I recently completed the online class from Creative Dream Incubator, Project Miracle. This 30-day class is labelled "a 30 day Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Style creative support system for calling in the shift you need right now".

The class includes printable worksheets that you can cut and glue in your journal, including mandalas for colouring meditations, as well as videos to introduce the principles of the class, and a lot of audio practices that you can use daily to evolve in the process of working towards your miracle. They are short visualisations, each covering an aspect of the process.

On the Creative Dream Incubator website, Andrea Schroeder's teachings focus on working towards your dreams. You can also call them goals if you prefer.
Miracle, to me, the way I understand it in the context of dreams and goals, is a condition that either you create, or creates itself, to move you forward in the process of working towards your goal. It is with this concept in mind that I worked through the class.

When working towards goals and dreams myself, I tend to experience A LOT of resistance, procrastination and fear, so I decided for my miracle to be "beat my fears, procrastination and resistance to be able to do what I plan for fulfilling my purpose and achieve anything I want in my life". Progressing into the practices, after a couple of weeks, my miracle was rephrased to "manage and understand in a compassionate way my fears, resistance and procrastination to be able to communicate with them so we can work together to do what I want to do". This is a major shift for me, so I'd say that definitely the class has worked for me.

Andrea's style of working is very focused on your feelings, which was a real revelation to me, to not push through no matter what but to LISTEN to how you feel and what the resistance is and wants from you. This was a totally game-changer for me. Most of the planning goals methods are very specific steps. logical orientated, whereas Andrea's techniques ALWAYS take into account how you feel, at that moment, and how you feel towards your dream/goal at that moment.

The visualisations in the Project Miracle class are very powerful. To someone not used to visualisations, they might sound a little airy-fairy (all visualisations seemed like that to me when I was starting doing visualisations a few months back) but you just have to play the game and go with the flow, and you will soon feel how powerful these visualisations can be and how much they make you realise about how you truly feel about your goals and steps to get there. To the question, is it real or am I making it up? The answer for visualisations is always YES - ie they are both the same.
With these visualisations, I realised that sometimes feeling resistance towards a step may mean that the step is no longer relevant in the pursuit of your dream, and needs to be changed - there is a better way out there for you to move forward, that's what it really means. And it's all OK.

The process of going through these visualisations can be very emotional and also quite funny. When doing the visualisation "Calling In Your Miracle", I felt 100% ready to call in my miracle and even receive it, but my miracle "decided" that I wasn't ready. The rest of my visualisation was basically like a Christmas pantomime going on in my head - "yes I am, no you're not, yes I am, no you're not..." That was and felt quite funny to experience. And, of course, my miracle was right; I wasn't ready for it just yet.
As the class was designed in this way, I was able to do earlier practices to build my foundations to be stronger, more grounding, so I could move forward, at my own pace, in my own time. There is something that Andrea says as one of the main principles that I deeply connected with, "IT TAKES THE TIME IT TAKES". In contrast with the SMART goals system, Andrea's system, while embracing in her own way some of the SMART criteria, gives you the time "it takes" for your dreams/goals to unfold naturally, not in a forced way, not cramming everything because on your planner you scheduled it for THAT date. Some goals and tasks are obviously already pre-determined for you as far as the due date is concerned, but what you build for yourself, usually is not. You have permission to take your time to let your dream roll its course in a way you are happy with.

Going through a process like this really brings you on a roller-coaster of varied emotions, that you obviously journal, but by feeling fully the process, this is how you work towards your dreams/goals more efficiently, without forcing anything.

I really love this process and have decided to keep my monthly subscription to carry on accessing Andrea's classes and work on a daily practice. Every day, you receive and email with some ideas and concepts you can explore and suggestions of practices you can do. So every day you can actually do the practice that you feel will serve you best for where you are. The sections Help! I'm Stuck and Having Trouble Getting Started are extremely helpful to get you up and running and choose a practice.

Access to this class is $33 for a month, but also includes access to ALL her other classes, as well as a Monthly group coaching call (with available replay).
I also love the options on her website to get a random Journaling Prompt to work on and a suggestion with the Oracle on what to work on if you don't know what to explore.

A MUST-HAVE/DO for soul explorers and dreamers.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Affirmation Wednesday


For the last few months, I have been feeling depleted, without energy. While the current situation has obviously been trying for many people around the world on many levels, I have been lucky enough to stay at home, actually doing things I enjoy. So, to me, there doesn’t seem to be any reason why I have been feeling so tired. I have had periods of inactivity followed by many periods of productivity, so not turning into a sloth and not burning myself out running around like a headless chicken. I just can’t pinpoint it. I have been focusing on my health with healthy eating (which I usually do), meditation (which I also usually do), daily taichi, workouts every other day (at the moment I am following the Yoga Burn Core program, 3 days a week). I have also introduced recently an energy medicine practice and breathing exercises that I add to my meditation, as well as night time healing activation. Yes, I will admit, I don’t go outside, I don’t get fresh air very regularly. Could it be that? In any case I have been trying to stick to routines, introduce new ones in the hope that my vitality will turn up and grow exponentially. But it’s not coming. I get peaks and then drop back down. With this week’s affirmation, “I heal myself with love and respect “, I think that I finally got it. I’ve been going around it the wrong way. Yes, you need to organise and introduce healthy habits, but not in desperation, forcing it upon yourself to do it and beat yourself up if you miss one session. You need to go through the whole process of healing “with love and respect “, for your body, your mind, how you are currently feeling, what you are going through, what you feel is right and exactly what you need at that particular moment.

A totally new perspective for me, used to planning and organising and ticking boxes off my precious to-do list. I’m not sure yet how I’m going to go about it. I have started a “checking in/checking out” journal to take into account my current state and what I have planned to do. Will that be the answer? I guess I’ll soon find out.

Where do you feel you are right now as far as your healing is concerned?

When you say the affirmation to yourself out loud, does it feel true to you?

What does healing yourself with love and respect mean to you? What does it look like?

What do you feel is missing so that you can heal yourself with love and respect?

These journaling questions, I hope, will help you explore the background for the affirmation to set in. For weeks I felt some of my affirmations not really speaking to me, and I found out that it was because I wasn’t connecting to them fully. Asking myself these types of questions have helped me see where the affirmation fits in to my life, my current state and my feelings. You don’t have to have all the answers - as you can see from my intro, I certainly haven’t. And that is all OK. It is all part of the process, part of the magic...

Monday, 19 October 2020

Inspirational Quote Monday

 Isn’t it why we journal? It certainly is the case for me. As we get to know ourselves, we know what is truly good for us, what we need at that particular moment, in that particular situation. By knowing ourselves, we get to open to others and understand them more, empathise and support more efficiently. We get to know that acting and speaking from the heart is EVERYTHING. We get to see that we are all connected; what is in others is also in me, for we are one, we all come from the same source, we all belong to the same universe.

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Sunday Journaling Prompt



Where in the past are you stuck? How does it feel to be there still?

What patterns do you feel keep repeating over and over again?

What are these patterns and experiences you are so attached to teaching you?

How would it feel like if you were free of your past?

Are you ready to move forward and leave the past behind? If not, what is keeping you there?

What do you need to do? Forgive yourself? Forgive others? Make sense of the experience you’re stuck with? Let go? 

What is one small thing you can do TODAY to help you move forward?

It IS hard to work with our past, painful, disorienting, and sometimes discouraging. When you think you have found some resolution with an experience from your past, and a reminder comes up, and you feel like you’re back to it all over again. That’s what I’ll be working on this coming week with this prompt, and exploring the “going deeper” questions above.

Much love on your journaling journey with this prompt, and please remember that if anything comes up for you that could possibly be traumatic, first, it is normal, and also, always make sure that you have a support group or professional support to help you through this xxx